Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Winter "Go To" Nails

I've really been enjoying this Maybelline Color Show nail polish! The color is in "keep up the flame". The best description I can think of is just a nice creamy tomato red. They also have a darker red available in this nail polish line. 
I enjoy this nail polish for a lot of reasons! One being that it's so affordable! There's a lot of cheap affordable nail polishes in drugstores, but I feel like a lot of them are going up in price. This nail polish was around 3 bucks. It took me 2 coats to get my nails to look like this. I just look the creamy consistency of this formula and it's super easy to apply!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Video Posted on YouTube!

I really need to get into the habit of posting things on my blog. Anyone have ideas? I was thinking of posting maybe my nail of the day, or just random favorites that I don't really talk about on YouTube. Or maybe thing could just be a place where I talk about the random things that doesn't pertain to makeup or beauty products. I don't know, help me!!!
Thank you for all of your support!