Friday, July 23, 2010

New GeoLens!!

I've recently received my GeoLens contacts in the mail from They have an amazing shipping process (from their company to hawaii was really just about 3 days). The pair that I brought is called the Angel 2 Tone color in Violet (CM-831). THEY ARE SO CUTE! They have a thick black ring along the outer edge of the contact which helps to give the appearance of having bigger looking eyes. The pair was $24.95 on the site plus shipping ($6.95), so in total my payment was $31.98. Their website has a huge variety to choose from which was really impressive. There were a lot of site that I went through that were sold out on a lot of the Geo Lenses. Prices for each type of GeoLens vary which is good, so a pair that you might be interested in may be quite affordable :]. How to open them in their jars and more information on the site is in my video.

Here are some pictures of what they look like:

This is the box that it came in :]

The packaging that the contacts come in are little jars (one contact in each jar).

This pair is called: CM-831 or, Angel 2 tone in Violet

This is basically what they look like on :]

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