Friday, October 1, 2010

My Sephora Wish List

So I've been looking at the Sephora site and found 2 specific products that I'm going to save up for because I feel an extreme need to get them! 
It was a must to share them with you all
This is the 24/7 jackpot Urban Decay eyeliner set
omg it is so amazing, all of those colors are so great for fall!
they retail for $39
I want want want want WANT!

This products is from Benefit and it's called Some Beauty to Love and this retails for $29. HOW AFFORDABLE IS THAT?! Look at all of the products it comes with. I really really want to try out the Coralista and the Eyelighter Pencil. 

UGH I'm such an Online Shopper Whore :[


  1. Lol. Girl, Im an online shopper too. I add items to my basket but sometimes end up not even buying it for real. I just enjoy doing it. Haha. That coralista set is a great deal!

  2. Coralista set is really has nice items!

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