Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mini Forever 21 Haul

So I did I bit of quick shopping in forever 21. I spent around 40 dollars and got 6 items which I thought was a really good deal!

I got 3 bracelets with the same design. It's hard for me to find bracelets I really like in forever 21 but these I LOVED, I just had to get them all. They retail for $2.80 and they're basically just double banded pearls with a gold letters saying love, dream, and hope. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM

I got this pencil skirt with white cross detailing for $13.80 which is a really good price. It's good for a casual look and also a nice formal look for a night out. 

This cardigan was only $8.80 which got me really excited! It's in a nice deep maroon/purple color and I got it in size medium (I like to wear them loose fitted)

This is the same type of cardigan but in a nice cream/off-white color, this is in size large.


  1. the pencil skirt is so adorable! and i adore cardigans! nice haul

  2. i love the bracelets, they are simple but classy. :)

  3. I love the bracelets! especially the dream one. just a little reminder to dream big hehe. love it!

  4. you got some really great deals =) I love forever 21 =D