Monday, May 30, 2011


It's Finally time for a mini contest! These are my summer must have lip products and I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you. So there will be one lucky winner unfortunately but more contests to come especially my 3,000 subbies contest! 

1. Must be 18 (if 16, need parents approval)
2. Must be a sub on YouTube
3. Must be a follower on my Blog
4. Leave ONE comment on this post saying ANYTHING about summer! (summer plans, favorite product for summer, anything :])
5. This contest will be open until June 11, 2011 (Saturday)

Good Luck!!


  1. Hi Rennie! I'm glad you're posting here. ^_^
    I always look for updates on your blog.
    1. I follow you on YouTube: basketsoccer256
    2. I'm a follower on your blog: MSodapop
    3. One thing about summer for me is that I'm taking summer classes & I'm kind of sad because first day starts tomorrow already at my university.
    My email:
    thank you <3 ^__^

  2. Hello Rennie <3
    i been subbed to you on yotube for a while now my username is Jessy Geekin,I don't go on blogspot as much as youtube but I'm following (: & My plans for summer is hanging out w/ my friends, and looking for a summer job!

  3. Hi Rennie (: i'm your follower here on blogspot and on youtube (my user is xPastrii) and i absolutely adore your videos! I love your sense of style and i find that out of all the guru's i follow on youtube, you are the one i can relate to the most and the products you review are always ones that i actually would purchase. The thing i love most about summer is being able to spend more time with friends and family without worrying about school ! <3 thanks for holding this contest

  4. Hiii Rennie!!
    i'm your follower here on blogspot and youtube. And my favorite thing about summer is the beach!! I live here in California so I LOVE it and the beach is wonderful. I also love getting to spend time with my man and girlfriends, it's always fun. The trends too! Bright colors and suuper cute sandals are a must.
    youtube: karlyjhunior
    :]] love your vids!! <3

  5. Hi Rennie! I'm a follower here & also in youtubee (itsAnnaxD) (: For summer I'll probably be working if I get notified,and during the summer I'm going to be hanging out with my friends, watch HARRY POTTER when it comes out :),going to the beach, doing my nails(hahaa), and of course shopping ! Thanks for the contest Rennie ^_^.

  6. YT:bunnadajaa
    I like that i don't have to wear heavy jacket anymore.I gotta wear bright fun nails color!

  7. I plan on working out a lot and maybe taking a few trips like to san diego and san francisco. My youtube name is ambivalencewaltz, btw. :)

  8. can't wait to wear some dresses that i bought over the summer! i was never really into dresses much until this year.

    yt; hushquiet

  9. I'm really looking forward to the floral prints, shorts, and bright colors in the summer :) I cannot live without my tinted moisturizer because it has spf and gives me some coverage!

  10. This summer i am taking summer classes. : / even though im taking summer classes, i hope to have fun at the same time this summer such as clubbing, beaching, road trip, and etc.

    when i go to my summer clases, i dont put that much makeup but i do always wear my aveeno moisturizer, ELF eyebrow filler pencil, and my EOS lipbalm in summer fruit. My EOS lip balm is going really flat because use it everyday. hehe And i never tried the melon one before but i hope i get to receive these prizes! : )

  11. Yay! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, Rennie!

    I'm really excited for summer because I can wear a lot more cute clothes without worrying about the cold, and I"m really looking forward to using lots of bright colors on my face and in my fashion. Of course, I will avoid the clown look haha.

  12. Hey Rennie :)
    This summer I'm starting to make videos for youtube because i've been so inspired by gurus and people like you. I'm also going to Ireland, South Carolina and Florida.
    favorite summer product at the moment is probably my NYX mosaic blush in passion or my maybelline mousse blush because they both add such a nice light pink glow to my cheeks :)

  13. hii im a follower on your blog and subscribed to your youtube. username : cheesecakepeep24
    im waiting for our pool to be fnished contrusting and improving. i dont think im going anywhere but im just going to enjoy summer
    thanks :)
    and by the way i really like your background here its super pretty :D

  14. subscribed on YT as: CTototototototototo
    following on blogger as: sotoastie

    This summer I plan on getting in shape again. First year university was really stressful for me and I didn't have much time for extracurricular and leisure. Now that it's summer, i have plenty of free time!

    Thanks for holding this contest Rennie :)

  15. I'm excited for it to be summer, since i am graduating this year. I'm also going to be getting a job so i can start saving up for products. I also need a tan so I'm hoping i can do that this summer also. I love the honeysuckle honeydew lip balm also.

  16. This summer, I'm looking forward to ice cream on a hot day, bright nail polish, shorts, and spending time with friends before we all leave for college!

    Youtube: coleenpq

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  18. One thing I can't be without especially during summer is sunblock...I also really can't be without Evian Water spray it's really nice to have to rehydrate the skin on hot summer days :)
    I am really looking forward to vacation time with my family
    Youtube: MrsMinx224

  19. youtube: leesard17

    this summer ill be studying for exams. fun fun fun
    im 20

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  21. Hi Rennie!
    First, i just wanted to say i am addicted to your YouTube videos, i love to watch them during the summer when i just want to be lazy at home. They are so helpful to me and everone else so i just wanted to say, "THANK YOU!" <3. (my YT account: juliesarah94, and of course i am subscribed!)
    I also LOVE your blog!! it is SO cute. i am so glad you brought me here! i love reading blogs that other people post! (my Blog account: juliesarah94, and i follow you!)
    During the summer, i will be studying for SAT's- i'm an upcoming senior in highschool :) also, i am taking a college course to get ahead for next year! that will be the boring part of the beginning of my summer.
    Besides that, i love that i finally have enough time in the summer to run outside everyday to soak up the sun and go to my yoga classes! Also, i love going to the pool in the hot heat and swim laps. Summer is my favorite time to be active outside due to the beautiful weather!
    I love wearing my sweet smell of Pink Sugar perfume and wearing sun dresses to go shopping.
    I hope you have an amazing summer- be safe and have fun!!

  22. Youtube; vanessalovely001
    Blog follow; vanessaregino
    Age; 22
    This summer i have moved to colorado, and am going to dominican republic for 1 week. :)

  23. yt; immashiaholic
    blogger; clarisa nicole

    this summer, i cant wait to wear skirt, shorts, and dresses! (:

  24. Summertime.. cannot wait for swimming/ tanning/ bbq's/ drinks.. hmmm.. all the fun stuff =)

    Thanks for doing this contest pretty girl!

  25. I made too much, I mean TOO MUCH beauty haul during Memorial sales. So, my Summer beauty plan is, if I loose 1Lbs, I get to buy 1 beauty item. If I loose none, I can't spend any money on beauty products. Good? Ideas?

  26. I'm planning to just hang out and enjoy the time I have with my family and friends before starting my freshman year in college in the fall. I truly enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work! :)
    Youtube: simplymusiqjunkee
    Blogger: stephanieeee-helloworld

    So i'm having my sweet 16 this summer (':
    and since I'm reppin' it out in calgary, I'll be posted at stampede for like, 2 weeks. and then guess who's going to the states? (; oh yeah, just for disneyland <3
    thank you for this giveaway rennie! (:
    youtube: AznxSweetiee
    tumblr: (since i'm not on blogspot a lot)

  28. yay!!!!!! (:

    This summer I am going to china to visit my lovely family! Whoohooo =D

    youtube account: spinnymonkey

  29. I'm going to LA for my first time in August for my summer vacation. I can't wait!!! I hope everyone has a safe and exciting summer!! Thanks for the contest!!! :D

  30. Love your channel! Both! And it's so nice of you to do this giveaway! I'm trying to find a job becaue my family is really tight on money right now, volunteer at two different summer camps and hopefully have enough time for friends!

  31. Hey My plans are to Visit El Yunque in Puerto Rico! I really really wanna see it and get in the natural water pool!

  32. Well I might spend my summer with my lil bro. Since I only see him every summer only cuz he's so far. It makes me miss him so much. Super luv my lil bro. I'll take him to the beach with our other cousins! :)

  33. Hey Rennie!

    I found you through another beauty guru on youtube~! Great channel you have going. Something I'm loving this summer is the NYC's Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny. Give it a try, it definitely gives a nice contour or as a glowy effect on your face. :)

  34. My favorite thing about summer is the beach,everything about it,the sand,ocean,warm weather,how most of the time everyone is happy at the beach,so I am hoping I get to go more often!
    youtube id:swest72766

  35. i have been subscribed for a while :D (KIL0VE22) and i have had your blog booked marked for just as long, but didn't know i could follow you by logging into my gmail since i haven't made a twitter yet.
    SUMMER for me is visiting home!!!! i'm coming back to the islands (HI) next month! SO EXCITED!!!! i miss home so much and my long distance airforce bf who is stationed at hickam, lucky!
    anyways, i cant wait to come home and get my tan on! haha so white now :P
    Thank you and awesome blog&youtube!