Friday, February 1, 2013

Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats: Breaking Them In

Hello my lovely bunnies. 
The other day I finally decided to wear my classic reva ballet flats from Tory Burch (link to flats here). I haven't done much research about the wear of these flats, but I sure you all can agree with me when I say that almost every YT Guru has raved about these flats! These puppies are $195 (cheaper than some of their shoes). Now I wore them at the mall the other day, and I didn't think I'd have to break into them; I just figured by the price and the brand it'd automatically be walking on clouds for my feet. I also have very wide feet so that could be a factor for why these flats were so uncomfortable. It was a bit painful by the heel and also below my toe. 
Do I just need to keep wearing them to have them stretch out? 
Or are my feet too fat for them?!

Love you all!!!!
Hope all is well


  1. Congratulations on your TB Reva flats. I think most people feel the same way when it comes to their first pair of Tory Burch Reva flats. How could something so cute be so painful. I never felt any pinching or pain from the elastic around the heel but I did have to stretch them width wise. I wore mine around the house for three days with thick socks and this helped stretch the width. I don't think your feet are too fat, I think the shoes needs to conform to your foot threw stretching. My Tory Burch sales associate told me when I was buying mine. Make sure the length is right and the wide will mold to your foot over time. She was right. I have pretty narrow feet for a guy but even mine needed stretching width wise. After the pain I put myself threw breaking in this pair I did end up buying 4 more pairs of TB Reva flats. This is my collection (you might have to cut and paste the link)

    Thanks for sharing your Tory Burch experience and picture. Here's a few link to my pictures.

    I am a guy. I hope that doesn't offend you in any way.

    Have a great day

  2. Hey Brian!

    I just wanted to leave a note to tell you that I think you're awesome and that you totally rock those Revas!

    Rennie- I love my Revas but I have had a similar experience, especially the elastic digging into my heel! They are getting better but it has taken A LOT of time.

    Have a great day!


    1. what would you honestly think if you saw a guy wearing these in person or tried to hit on you wearing them, i love wearing them but also think they are so sexy on girls and such a turnon

  3. Hi, I just bought my first pair last week - and yes I do have a large foot. How did you break them???? help

  4. Where did you purchase them from if you don't mind!?

  5. If you are interested to get a tory burch heels at an affordable cost then you can buy them at website which will offer you all tory products at very cheap and discounted price.

  6. Add info. regarding Tory Burch flats, sorry about the late posting, I just found this site....My dress flats R true to size which for me is a 9 1/2, HOWEVER,,,,my Reva Flats R ABSOLUTELY A 10 1/2 A complete size larger cause, they R way to small to wear in my size, I brought the 9 1/2 and had to give them away so I replace them with a pair of Blk on Blk patent leather size 10, and a 10 1/2 patent leather with the gold buckle....what a difference, but let me just add it still doesn't take away from the fact that you will have to break in these shoes!!!