Sunday, August 8, 2010

Collective Haul!

Hey! I basically went to the mall today and bought a couple things at MAC, Forever, Nordstrom, and Metropark. Here are some pictures to get a better view of what they look like incase my video had bad lighting. ENjoy :]

The 4 eyeshadows on the top row is what I had purchased.

From left to right: "Club","Paradisco","Coppering","Expresso"

These cute stud earrings are from Nordstrom and they were on sale for just $2.90 a pair!

These two necklaces are also from Nordstrom and they also were on sale for $2.90 each.

The rest were just tops from Forever and Metropark haha sorry Pono is in the picture :p

That's about it! I hope you all are having a great summer :]


  1. i've had club on my wish list for ages! love the necklaces too! x

  2. The necklaces are really cute ^^ oh and thanks for your video on youtube on the top ten elf items, I just bought some things off their website ^^