Friday, July 6, 2012


Blog Sale Time!
I will be uploading more items that I want to sell soon. This is just the first batch so far. There are a few rules that do apply, sorry! I know we all don't like rules. 

1. Must be in the U.S. only (I'm sorry!)
2. Purchase must total to at least $10.00 (due to shipping costs)
3. Shipping will be $5.00 (but it may be higher if there's a large amount of clothing ordered by one purchaser)
4. Place your order by emailing me (

Love you all!!!! 
Thank you so much for your support, it really does mean a lot to me!

Forever 21-Red Romper ($8.00)

A&F-Lime green top ($10.00)

American Eagle-Brown "leave me alone" top ($10.00)

Ruehl-Grey V-line top ($10.00)

Hollister-Green V-line top ($8.00)

Hollister graphic tee ($10.00)

Hollister graphic tee ($10.00)

Tokidoki grey top ($10.00)

American Rag Top ($8.00)

NYX Eye shadow Trios

"Casablanca" ($3.50)

"Sahara/suede/chocolate" ($3.50)

"Sweet lagoon/aqua/ocean" ($3.50)

"Baby pink/cotton candy/spring flower" ($3.50)

"Dandy" ($3.50)

"Copacabana" ($3.50)

Maybelline Eye Studio Quads

"Mad for Mauve" ($3.00)

"Spirited Seas" ($3.00)

Victoria Secret single eye shadow ($5.00 for both)

Roxy Silver Wallet ($7.00)

Minxed (left),Tana-Rama (right)
$8.00 (each)

Forever 21- Red studded should bag ($8.00)

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