Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's In My Summer Bag!

Rebecca Minkoff Bag Review 
(purchased in Nordstrom, I believe it was for $195)

I am IN LOVE with my new Rebecca Minkoff mini mac clutch bag. They come in a lot of colors but I like to stick with my trust neutral, so I bought it in brown. It has a nice gold hardware to it (if you don't like gold, not to worry, they come in silver hardware as well!). There's a small pocket in the front (which I don't use much only because it's difficult to remove the clasp from the buckle). 

The strap is quite lovely, but there are some downfalls to it. For me, the strap fits me well. However, I can see this being a bit difficult to wear if you are on the taller side in height. The strap isn't adjustable so it could be a short for some of you gals. But the strap is adjustable only to convert it from a cross body bag to a shoulder bag. 

Also, the main pocket FITS A LOT of things, more than I expected it to. I've been wearing it everyday and began to notice that the strap is a bit uncomfortable when wearing it as a cross body bag. I think it's because the hardware is just a thick chain so when it rubs against my shoulder it's a bit uncomfortable.

I love the detailing in the front, it makes the bag look very classy, yet casual. This pairs so nicely with any outfit possible! I also love the fringes attached to the zipper, BUT I wish they were a bit shorter. I just feel like they get in the way sometimes and they give me a scare when I accidentally sit on them and pull on my bag. 

The bag is quite shallow (not in a bad way) so it makes finding things easy. It holds a lot for it's size and the interior is cute (dark blue with black dots). I do wish that it had mini pockets inside though. It's nice for a bag to have smaller pocket for my to stuff my phone and chapstick in for quick access to it.  

Overall, I do love it, I feel like it's worth the investment. BUT REMEMBER, this bag is a hype so don't invest in it because everyone else is saying it's lovely. Definitely go into a Nordstrom and try it out yourself. And don't consider yourself to be an Alien if you realize that this bag doesn't tickle your fancy :]

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