Saturday, July 20, 2013

Healthy Snack Recommendations

My Favorite Healthy Snacks! 

I'm starting a new monthly video where I will let you know what my favorite healthy snacks are of the month. 

Here are the items I mention in the video along with the time stamp if you want to skip to that section:

01:35  GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce
Now, this may not be the HEALTHIEST snack, but I do prefer having apple sauce over a chocolate bar. I've just been adding a pack into my lunch and it helps to fulfill my sweet tooth. I LOVE candy, and sipping on this apple sauce is a great substitute for my sugar addiction. 

02:35  Kellogs Special K Cracker Chips
Kellogs Special K Cracker Chips is such a great substitute for other unhealthy chips such as Lays. Adding this with my sandwich is great because it adds a crunch to my meal. Also, for those of you who has late night cravings, or needs something to munch on while watching TV, this is a great alternative!

03:39  Quaker Popped Chips
Quaker popped chips is also a nice snack to have around in the house because it is puffed rice. Puffed rice can be a much healthier choice compared to chips, cookies, and other starch products. I don't enjoy eating this with my sandwich like the Kellogs chips, but I do enjoy eating this as a snack. If you have a sweet tooth, they have other flavors as well such as caramel and chocolate would be a much healthier choice compared to chocolate bars!

04:45  Emerald Cocoa Roasted Almonds
Emerald has great individually wrapped 100 calories snack packs. I enjoy this chocolate roasted almonds snack pack because it definitely helps my chocolate cravings. They're also individually wrapped so they're great to keep in your purse as well as to throw in with your lunch. Nuts are great for you; however, you need to be careful to not have TOO MUCH . A handful of these almonds are great for your body and they give you a good source of energy as well. 

05:45  Frutare Fruit Bars
Frutare Fruit Bars are my absolute FAVORITE! They are a bit smaller in size compared to other ice cream bars, but these are so incredibly tasty! If you love ice cream as much as I do, this is the perfect substitute. Especially during the summer, this is a great item to have in your freezer. Frutare also had a lot of different flavors as well!

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