Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To Style High Waisted Bottoms

Trying to put together an outfit with high waisted bottoms can often times be a bit of a challenge. I had created 3 looks with high waisted bottoms. High waisted shorts are such a big trend right now, but I often times shy away from it because I'm not used to wearing crop tops and showing off my waist area. What I've paired every outfit with lately are just really loose fitted button down tops and cardigans. I feel that really helps me feel more comfortable and "Safe" wearing hight waisted shorts. 

00:11  Outfit 01
Flannel Top- Forever 21
Cami Tank- Forever21
High Waisted Denim Shorts- PacSun
Shoes- Vans

This outfit is the true definition of comfort. Although we all want to get into the trend of high waisted shorts, many of us gals may feel a bit uncomfortable showing out butt area. It's great to just throw over a button down shirt like a flannel or even a cardigan to cover out back area. Tucking in a cami tank with high waisted shorts also help to shape our body, and it gives us a more slender waist. 

00:54  Outfit 02
Teal Crop Tank- PacSun
Nylon High Waisted Pants- Forever21
Cream Vest- Forever21
Sandals- Tory Burch

This is a more soft outfit. Although these are long pants, they still go great for the summer because of it's loose fitting style. They're also a nylon type of fabric so it's very light-weight and comfortable. I paired this with a crop top along with a flowy vest to balance out the baggy pants. 

01:47  Outfit 03 
Cable-Knit Sweater- Forever21
High Waisted Shorts- PacSun
Boots- PacSun

Whether it's summer or winter, cable knit sweaters are a great piece to own. Cropped sweaters are more ideal to have with high waisted shorts because it shows off your waist more and it looks more slender in that area. I paired them with boots to make it a bit more bohemian.

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  1. i like the first and last outfit.